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The Japanese diet

4月 15, 2014 | category by Blog

The sushi bar is often marketed as being one of the best options if you want a healthy, quick and convenient lunch. Sushi is not only delicious, but i…

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Dolls Festival on 3rd March

3月 1, 2014 | category by Blog, Event

Dolls Festival [Hinamatsuri ] on 3rd March Hinamatsuri i.e. Girls/Dolls festival Hinamatsuri is a special festival celebrated on March 3. It is a day …

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Ehou Maki(Fortune Nori Roll)

2月 6, 2014 | category by Blog

Only available on 3rd Feb On the 3rd of Feb, people believe that they’ll get good luck if they can eat a whole Fortune Nori Roll without making …

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