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Ehou Maki(Fortune Nori Roll) -

Ehou Maki(Fortune Nori Roll)

2月 6, 2014 | category by Blog

Only available on 3rd Feb

On the 3rd of Feb, people believe that they’ll get good luck if they can eat a whole Fortune Nori Roll without making any noise facing toward the east- northeast, which is believed to be the lucky direction for the year.


3kinds:KoyaTofu, Kanpyo, Japanese Parsley,

Happiest Roll $15.80

10kinds:Sea eel, Salmon, Prawn, Salmon Roe, Kampyo, Shitake-mushroom, Squid, fish flake, Cucumber, Egg roll

Kids Rolls  $4.00 each ( Half )

Prawn & Mayo, Cooked Tuna or Grilled Salmon