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The Japanese diet -

The Japanese diet

4月 15, 2014 | category by Blog

The sushi bar is often marketed as being one of the best options if you want a healthy, quick and convenient lunch. Sushi is not only delicious, but it’s also very good for you. It is a wonderful bonus to be able to eat the food you love without paying the price for your indulgence. Their nutritional value is extremely good as inside a roll you will find vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and not to mention omega 3 and 6. Great claims have been made for the health benefits of the typical Japanese diet of fish and rice.

We will introduce about sushi diet in different of topics


Osaka sushi often use Mackerel. Out of all the raw fish you could eat, mackerel sashimi is a healthy sushi choice. Mackerel is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. The small size of the fish means its low in mercury. It is also a high-protein fish; there are 25 grams of protein in a 4-ounce serving and only 160 calories. This healthy sushi choice also contains selenium, which works along with omega-3s to neutralize free radicals.   DSC_0833